The Life Of Maggie

The Life Of A Normal Dog Named Maggie

Maggie has had a rough life at our old house. She also got in lots of trouble with her two buddies Bob and Shooter they were both boys and brothers and both loved Maggie. We were glad that Maggie got friends to take care of her out there but sometimes they did all get in to trouble. This year 2011 Maggie is now four and is running greatly and playing perfectly. Me, my dad, and my big sister love to go hunting . . . But when Maggie got shot and i was practicing Maggie was so scared and her tail was under her two hind legs. But since its been a while shes getting used to it. We pray to make sure none of this tragic will happen again in this new neighborhood and so far it hasn't its been a great environment for Maggie.   

 On March 24th 2008, Maggie disappeared for three days. We were calling and calling every night. The third day my dad had heard a loud yelp, so he called my mom from in the house and they  both jumped in the car a my dad drove slowly and followed the yelp. Then they finally got close enough were they could here the sound in a yard. All the sudden my dad jumped out and turn his head and he saw Maggie caught in a snare! around her waist. So he ran over to her and tried to get the snare off because it was getting titer and titer! So he told my mom to go home and grab a pair of pliers. So when she got in the house she ran as fast as she could go and drove to my dad and ran to give it to him. Then my dad pressed really hard to cut. Then finally he got it off and Maggie was free!      

 On May 22nd 2009, Maggie was playing out in the back yard for and hour. When i called for her name i saw her pop up her head. I said come on lets go inside. She stood up so slowly then started to walk and i thought she was jumping a first but then all the sudden she fell and yelped really loud. I called my dad saying Dad its Maggie shes hurt! So my dad and I ran as fast as we could. Finally we found her laying down hurt then dad said that he say her go past the gate and i was supposed to go get her but i forgot. Then said to Maggie, i'm sorry i didn't go get you. So then Maggie toughened it out and she started walking in to the house. So then we found out that she was kicked on her right thigh by a horse.  

 On April 2nd 2010, my dad had let Maggie out at 5:00am to go to the bathroom. 8:00am we called and called she didn't come so we figured to wait to see if she comes home.12:00pm Maggie was not back yet so my two sisters made fliers and put them everywhere. 5:00pm a lady calls my dad and he writes down on a piece of paper, hit . . . shot . . . hit. I asked my dad why did you write those down and he said to the whole family that Maggie got hit my a car, shot twice with a shotgun, and hit by a horse. He said the lady took Maggie to the vet. When we got there she looked sad and she was shaking and was wining when i stopped petting her.When we looked at her X-Rays the vet said that there was 462 bebes in her whole entire body. The car and horse hit wasn't very bad. 

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